Knot-Free Expandable Water Hose

$89.95 $170

Are you tired of struggling with tangled and messy garden hoses? 

Say goodbye to hose hassles with our new Knot-Free Expandable Water Hose. Carefully crafted to simplify your gardening routine, this hose eliminates frustrations with its tangle-free design. Experience the freedom of a 100ft hose that expands effortlessly and retracts neatly.

Why Choose Our Knot - Free Expandable Garden Hose?

Effortless Watering: Bid farewell to tangled hoses with our Knot-Free design, ensuring smooth, consistent and uninterrupted water flow.

Extended Reach: Expand your watering range with 100ft of hose, effortlessly reaching distant plants and tress as well as making tasks like washing the car more accessible.

Neat Storage: Easily keep the yard nice and neat after each use as the hose retracts to a compact 30ft, complemented by an included hanger for easy and organised storage, removing trip hazards.

Reliable Performance: Never worry about annoying flow interruptions during your gardening sessions. This hose is designed to never kink, twist, or tangle, ensuring a consistent and efficient watering experience.

Durable and Lightweight: Experience long-lasting, durability and convenience with our lightweight design, providing flexibility for everyday gardening tasks.

Benefits of the Knot-Free Expandable Water Hose

No more tangles or knots, ensuring a frustration-free watering experience

Expands to 100ft, reaching hard to reach plants & making washing the car a breeze

Neatly retracts to 30ft after use, helping maitain a tidy yard with the included hanger

Lightweight and durable design

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Whats included

  • Expandable Garden Hose
  • BONUS Spray Nozzle
  • Copper Connector (Connects To Standard Hose Fitting)
  • Wall Hanging Unit
  • Storage Bag

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